About Bounce Fit Studio

Bounce Fit Studio is a personal training and fitness studio based in Riverside, California. Our services are based on over two decades of personal training experience and feature the revolutionary Rebound workout. NASA discovered that 10 minutes of rebound training is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging, which is ideal for those with little time to work out who want to make major changes to their bodies and health. We focus on the needs of each individual, we assist with our personal training and fitness classes, and our services can be tailored to any age.

Heather Castor - Personal Trainer


Heather Castor came into personal training in a rather unique way. In the 90s, she was rehabilitated from an injury that occurred due to repetitive movements and was removed from the workforce. She subsequently entered the medical field and began working out for the first time. Instantly, she fell in love, but she kept getting re-injured, despite earning her first Personal Training Certification in 1998 from ACE. Through the years and due to all the injuries, Heather has undergone multiple surgeries, including the hips, neck, and back.  She has a genetic connective tissue disease called EDS, which was the cause of all her injuries. She knew she was doing something wrong, but even physical therapists couldn’t help.

After studying Paul Chek’s materials, she learned about muscle imbalances, the issues that can be caused by a weak core, and the major effects on our bodies caused by the foods we eat. Heather is also a new Master Trainer for Hypervibe.