Rebounding / WBV

What is Rebounding?

A Fun & Efficient Way to Work Out 
Because Heather kept experiencing so many injuries, she strived to find a workout that would allow her to get the exercise she needed without all the impact. The Cellerciser® changed her life. With this mini-trampoline, Heather will teach you first-hand how you can now sprint, run, and jump as fast and as much as you want, and lose weight doing it. You’ll have more energy, increase your flexibility, and your body will heal faster. Furthermore, you will increase balance and coordination, reduce cardiovascular disease, and increase red blood cell production.


- Increase balance and coordination

- Reduce cardiovascular disease risk

- Increase red blood cell production

- Aid in lymphatic circulation

- Strengthen heart

- Lower resting heart rate

- Strengthen muscles

- Reduce cholesterol levels

- Reduce triglyceride levels

- Stimulate metabolism

- Improve vision

- Promote growth and repair

- Increase breathing capacity

- Increased oxygenation of tissues

- Tone the glandular system


“There is no exercise like it. The Cellerciser® flexes every muscle and every cell in the body over 100 times per minute. It takes your fat burning and strengthening exercises to a new level.”

                        – Dave Hall, creator of Cellercise®

- Increase thyroid output

- Expand capacity for fuel storage

- Increase muscle vigor

- Tone muscle fibers

- Reduce headaches

- Reduce aches & pains from inactivity

- Improve digestion and elimination

- Allow for deeper, easier sleep

- Stimulate mental performance

- Stimulate learning process

- Lessen PMS symptoms

- Improve immune system

- Slow the aging process

- Reduce chances of obesity

Start Your Transformation Now!

HyperVibe Class


HyperVibe is a whole body vibration machines that stimulate and activate muscles, joints, and reflexology zones in ways that other forms of exercise can’t. HyperVibe does this without harmful impact or stress on the body.  Come take a HyperVibe Class today at Bounce Fit! Learn more About HyperVibe and Whole Body Vibration Here! 

*purchase not required to attend class, recommended for home use